Majestic Oaks Property Owners Association
Stationery to invitations for Majestic Oaks POA

I cannot take credit for the design of the Majestic Oak's logo; however, the community manager, knowing that I am a graphic designer, contacted me with a request to re-create the logo artwork as it had long been lost. As a member of the community, how could i say "no?"

Following the re-creation of the logo, came the request for stationery design and then the coup de grâce, join the Board of Directors. That eventually lead to being elected President. Funny how a little thing like a logo request can snowball.

During years where Halloween falls in the right spot on the calendar we organize a community party. We'll stuff mailboxes with flyers, put up a few posters and even blast out an HTML email, courtesy of yours truly. Halloween being my favorite holiday, I don't mind doing the invitations in the least — all pro bono.

Thanks again for dropping by and if there's more you'd like to know or see, please don't hesitate to contact me.