The Unnamed App — Code Name: Project Euler
Project Euler App

I'm going to be candid and frank, because we've all had them — those clients that cannot make up their minds. This project was an exercise in frustration, yet I believe our team delivered some great work, despite the fact that the ultimate goal — a pretty bad-ass app — was never attained. It was not for lack of trying, believe me. While I have no finished product to point to, I am still very proud of the design and conceptual work on this project.

The client's concept, in which they firmly believed, was to create an app for potential military use, using off-the-shelf technical and GPS software. Their idea was to marry these technologies to enable a Navy crew member, for example, anywhere in the world to use a mobile device camera to snap an image of a piece of hardware and, using optical recognition, retrieve technical data on the fly. Additionally, the Administrator of the app could load it with training modules specific to the User's skill sets. Truly a cool concept, but we later learned the reach of the technical necessities were beyond the client's grasp. Nevertheless, I'll share with you here the mock ups and identities created.

We called the project by a code name, because prior to settling on an actual name for the app, we ended up with myriad job files under various names. It became a tad overwhelming. My responsibilities included creating comprehensives of the various screens for User Experience as well as creating the logo and branding for the app.

Thanks again for dropping by and if there's more you'd like to know or see, please don't hesitate to contact me.