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Franchise networks rely on customer service staff (CSRs) that tend to grow as the franchise network expands. With a clear understanding of the goals and metrics of the network, Tympani worked with an established franchisor to automate cumbersome “this-is-the-way-we’ve-always-done-it” tasks and processes. From sales prospecting and prequalification, to onboarding and training, to sales promotions and incentives, we re-envisioned and streamlined. CSRs were redeployed to handle more complex and strategic issues, with future-forward missions established. CSR reduction/redeployment allowed for a team of 28 to become a super team of 8. Now that’s ROI.

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Aggregating specialty medical practices is daunting from the outset. Focusing on what really matters—patient satisfaction—maintains the heart and soul of each practice for the long term. Tympani used that metric as central to all marketing for its client’s networks: practices, physicians and most importantly—the patients. We turned the old adage of “more healthcare access/less satisfaction” into a thing of the past … There’s always an issue waiting to be fixed. What’s yours?

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