Who We Are

Tympani is a band of unique individuals who, together, create smart web tools for our clients and theirs. 

Moira Shanahan

My job is the “Make Me Love It” person at Tympani. I see our work through the eyes of the client and am determined to challenge the team to get it right the first time—and every time. We challenge each other, we care about each other, and we never forget why we’re all here together. It’s all about our clients—and theirs—every time.

Josh Cochran

I wear a lot of hats at Tympani and that’s one of the things I love about working here. My role allows me to work with our client partners and internal stakeholders during all phases of our development timelines. Whether I’m focusing on strategy and project planning or plan execution and client support, there’s never a dull moment in my daily planner.

Mark Snyder

Guardian of the Brand. My two major roles at Tympani are to make certain anything we do for our clients is brand compliant and lives within their brand standards; and, to answer, “You bet!” when asked, “Can we …” by my client, internal or external.

Matt Strickland

I write the code that brings the client’s vision to life. My goal is to build intuitive and expandable tools, but security, privacy and compliance are just as important to me as user experience. If you’ve got a problem or a challenge, I can usually find a solution that’s right for your project.

Nathan Murphy

My primary role at Tympani is capturing all data, storing it securely, and presenting accurately to clients. Our team works together well and find solutions to capture our clients needs as accurately and speedy as possible.

Caitlin Coaxum

At Tympani, I am the ambassador for new clients. My positive energy and infectious enthusiasm help to keep the client happy and to keep the projects on pace.


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