Typically, I use Adobe Illustrator to create artwork for various projects. I have used other programs, Specular Infini-D, as an example. But as with so many great programs (Flash and Director to name two), they went away, probably gobbled up by a competitor. Technology foments change, yet Adobe Illustrator has stood the test of time and remains my main go-to.

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Promotions Made easy

JW Aluminum

Sample icons: Labor Day

Examples of icons created as part of a vast library of images to visually communicate messages quickly in a potentially dangerous and diverse environment. This set of icons was created to adorn JW Aluminum's Labor Day communications.


Created in JW Aluminum's style and color palette to support Lean Six Sigma efforts to improve workplace safety.

Scheduled Maintenance

Created in JW Aluminum's style to adorn hard hats and commemorative shirts of employees and contractors working to maintain equipment.

Calendar artwork

Used in multiple communications to highlight and promote JW's rolled aluminum products. JW Aluminum is proudly "Made Right Here."

JW Aluminum sincerely cares about the safety of their employees, whether on the job or not. Illustrations like the one above, depicting the dangers of texting while driving,  are employed in their annual safety calendar as a reminder to teammates how quickly a few seconds can change one's life.

Environmental Management System Policy

JW Aluminum is as dedicated to our environment as they are to workplace safety. Posters promoting this concern and educating teammates and visitors alike adorn the corporate headquarters as well as the various plants nationwide.

Domino Systems

Developed for an automated marketing platform that analyzed data and trends to predict market movement. The client asked for something with a little edge that touted the program's most robust features: estimating return on investment, modeling and targeting.

Domino budget

Suggesting ROI > than budget.

Domino modeling

Elaborate and accurate modeling.

Domino targeting

Highly targeted marketing versus shotgun approach.

Promotions Made Easy

Promotions Made Easy targeted credit union customers. Contents consisted of ready-made promotions on a wide variety of topics, without copyright hassles and easily customizable by the institution. Ads, event posters and HTML emails were designed to be fun and a bit flippant, using the four colored balls in the PME logo as characters. Here are a few examples of holiday promotions.

PME Holiday artwork.

PME logo as tree ornaments.

PME Holiday artwork.

PME logo emulating a snowman.

PME Holiday artwork

PME logo getting on their nog.

PME Holiday artwork.

PME logo gifting a friend.

PME Holiday artwork.

PME logo emulating a mirrored ornament.

PME Holiday artwork

PME logo emulating a glass ornament.

Travel Guard

Travel Guard Insurance

One of several comprehensives for an in-airport or cruise-terminal kiosk to display Travel Guard brochures. Headquartered in Wisconsin, but based in the UK, the client was looking for something eye-catching and a bit more exotic than a typical POS box display.

UltraLux Travel

UltraLux Travel

UltraLux Travel was partnering with an in-airport company that was seeking to provide business travelers with a quiet place to kick off their shoes, plug in their laptops and connect, but with a door for privacy. We offered a number of POS designs based on the partner's styling.

Halloween party invitation

Halloween invitation

When your neighbors know you're a graphic designer, it's not uncommon for the HOA to come knocking, as they did in the case of our annual neighborhood  Halloween party. I was more than happy to craft the invitations, website and posters.

Seniors you don't want to mess with

JW Cove

Not quite sure what to say here, other than I don't judge. A group of WWII, Korean and Vietnam war vets and their spouses had a regular gathering to reminisce, enjoy cigars and maybe toss back a few. When interlopers began to crash their standing gathering, they decided to make it invitation only ... even give it a name, a logo and a tagline. I take credit only for the logo.

Membership card front.

Membership card front.

Membership card back.

Membership card back.

Editorial Illustrations

Safe Workplace

Created for Safe Workplace, the official magazine of the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI).

Safe Workplace

Disability Cost Pie created for Safe Workplace.

Bank of America

Created for Bank of America's newsletter.

Bank of America

Created for Bank of America's newsletter.