Safety Calendar

Although officially called the JW Aluminum Safety Calendar, this document serves another very practical purpose, displaying which shifts work each day.

JW Aluminum

JW Aluminum bills itself as "The Leading Aluminum Rolled Products Company in the World." In recent years, JW Aluminum began a campaign, both internal and external, to update its corporate identity. In the world of molten metal, safety is everything, and the fastest and most effective way to nurture that safety-conscious culture was through iconography—a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

To help the company drive brand discipline, I was asked by their Communication Director to create an official set of trademarked logos, establishing a color palette and identifying a corporate font family. I was also asked to help create a set of brand guidelines as well as implement an icon-based series of communications.

Projects for JW Aluminum have ranged from their annual Safety Calendars to posters, greeting cards, invitations, the corporate newsletter, Alumination, trade-show signage, sport-team logos, product logos and more. Projects have ranged in size from standard business cards to sixteen-foot banners. A series of posters conveying the company's mission, vision and culture was also created in multiple sizes to adorn the walls of their plants across the nation, keeping JW's goal of a 100% accident-free workplace top of mind to its teammates. 

JW Aluminum’s South Carolina plant recently invested over $300 million to construct a new 220,000-square-foot building and install state-of-the-art recycling equipment, adding fifty new jobs to its workforce. The project represents the most significant capital investment in domestic continuous-cast technologies and capabilities since 2001. The expansion has been labeled Project Boilermaker, and its publicizing has required logo design, recruitment banners, groundbreaking invitations and more.

In addition to JW Aluminum's commitment to safety, quality and efficiency, they are also sensitive to the environmental impact of their plants operating in South Carolina and Arkansas.   

Product Sample Case

The sample product case for JW Aluminum's Alloy 1100 and 3105 is intended to walk the talk of sustainability. Bypassing the typical plastic option, the card stock is 100% recycled material and, as with aluminum (an actual piece of JW Aluminum included), is 100% recyclable.

Product sample case

JW Aluminum's product sample case exterior.

Product sample case

JW Aluminum's product sample case interior.

Product sample case

JW Aluminum's sustainable product sample case.

Partners for the Planet Initiative

Summit Utilities Arkansas Commercial & Industrial Solutions Program

Press release: JW Aluminum Completes Multiple Energy Efficiencies: Company to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Equivalent to More Than 4 Million Miles Driven.

Representatives of JW Aluminum were on hand at their manufacturing facility in Russellville on Wednesday, August 10, 2022, to receive an incentive for participating in the Summit Utilities Commercial & Industrial Solutions Program, which helps customers save energy and money by operating more efficiently. 

JW Aluminum upgraded the burners on four of their existing annealing ovens in their Russellville facility in part through the incentives provided by the program. Representatives from Summit first audited the facility in 2018 and calculated the potential savings for upgrading the burners. 

The representatives agreed that the upgrade would be effective for saving natural gas. The first burner was completed in the spring of 2019 and the final in the spring of 2022. The combined projects are expected to save more than 325,000 therms per year, which is equivalent to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions by 4,268,339 miles driven by an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle.

24 X 72, 4/C full bleed sign

The sign created for the event pictured above is 24" X 72", full color, full bleed.

Job Fair Banner

Job fair banner

JW Aluminum's job fair banners tout the benefits and advantages aluminum has to offer. Lightweight, sustainable, non-corrosive, easily shaped, yet strong.


Job fair banner

Educating potential teammates (and the general public) is part of JW Aluminum's ongoing mission.
31" X 83", full color, full bleed.

Holiday Card

Holiday card front
Holiday card back

Various Logos

Various Logos

Benefits Guide Cover

Benefits Booklet

JW Aluminum's 2022 Benefits Guide (cover).

JW Aluminum's annual Benefit Guide is cover artwork only. The rest of the publication is produced by the insurance broker. 

My role for this project is offering design choices based on client material submission and producing the print-ready artwork.

Benefits Booklet

JW Aluminum's 2023 Benefits Guide (cover). 8.5" X 11", four color, non bleed.

Challenge Coins

Stories of the origin of the Challenge Coin are as varied as the coins themselves. Whether you believe these medallions date back to the Roman Empire or found their way into the hands and hearts of soldiers in the First and Second World Wars, their true value is in the eye of the beholder, and for most, it is substantial. To be the recipient of a JW Aluminum coin is something special: They are awarded when a teammate performs exceptionally in a manner consistent with the company culture.

Challenge Coin

Target Behaviors front side of coin. Awarded for teammates demonstrating core values.

Challenge Coin

STOP Coin front side. Awarded to a teammate for recognizing a hazard.

Challenge Coin

The CEO Coin front side. The most coveted of JW Aluminum's coins.

Challenge Coin

Target Behaviors back side of coin. JW Aluminum has a specific list of behaviors.

Challenge Coin

STOP Coin back side. A reminder of the four attributes leading to a safe workplace.

Challenge Coin

CEO Coin back side. Awarded only by the CEO of JW Aluminum.

JW Aluminum Challenge Coins.

Samples of JW Aluminum's finished Challenge Coins.