Video & VO

I've had various opportunities to create videos, edit video and record voice-overs for a number of projects. NDAs preclude me from sharing the lengthy training videos created for UltraLux and their programs for travel agents—they're too heavily branded in both imagery and audio. Nevertheless, below are a few examples of other projects.

Voice & Video

JW Aluminum Boilermaker

Progress on JW Aluminum's expansion project, Boilermaker, was documented frequently on video to keep investors, teammates and other interested parties abreast via their website and presentations. One such presentation includes the video shown here. My role: Editing and graphics.

JW Aluminum Safety

The highest priority at JW Aluminum is safety. Safety of the teammates, visitors ... everyone at their plants. It was an honor to be asked to be the voice of the company's safety video. My role: Voice only.

SEGA GameWorks

A fun and brief 15 second spot that played on the client's website and on the Las Vegas Strip, supporting GameWork's Hungry for More promotion. My role: Editing and voice.