Perfect 10

Perfect 10 Thursdays married $10 food dishes to $10 of game play. I was asked to develop the logo design, with a somewhat nostalgic feel, and the accompanying flyer.

Perfect 10 Logo
Control Alt Eat

I was asked to create a logo and flyer that would tie into this play on words and food.

Control Alt Eat Logo

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SEGA GameWorks

GameWorks projects are always fun and colorful, but then what would one expect from a venue built around state-of-the-art video games? Oh, and food ... lots of American bar fare with images that make your mouth water while trying to lay out a menu.

Though the majority of work done for GameWorks has been in the form of HTML emails, there hasn't been any shortage of print work—labels, table tents, coupons, loyalty cards and menus. The list is long. I was also fortunate enough to have created a couple logos for special promotions.

GameWorks also has a number of crossover projects. For example, some billboard designs—traditionally print genre—were produced for digital display, and some coupons, while printed, were delivered via web, so files would be set up in the RGB spectrum as opposed to traditional CMYK.

HTML Email examples

HTML Email
HTML Email
HTML Email
HTML Email
HTML Email
HTML Email

Print examples

Print postcard


Print coupon

Print coupon.

Print game card

Game card.

Landing page and online coupons

Promotional landing page.

Online coupon.