Tympani—The Backbeat of Business

I joined Tympani's team when the company was operating under a different name and the primary products were direct marketing pieces—primarily print based—for some of the most recognizable brands in the nation. Markets served included telecom, health care, worldwide shipping and major insurance companies. Eventually Enewsletters, HTML Email campaigns, computer-based training (CBT) entered the mix, and as business evolved to include digital, I was proud to help blaze the trail into new media technologies like front-end development and UX.

Tympani's website was given a refresh at the beginning of 2023, and while the content was a collaborative effort, my responsibilities included building the HTML/CSS.

The company mascot, Tym, in the upper-left corner of the main menu is an Adobe Animate animation and occasionally plays his tympani. The site is responsive and incorporates several Bootstrap image carousels.

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Tympani home page

Tympani's home page.

Travel and financial website design

Left: Travel extranet connects agencies, agents and suppliers. Right: Servicing merchants on the financial side of the business.

I've had the opportunity work on both the financial side and the travel side of this client's business. In recent years, the work has been geared more toward online, primarily B2B.

Each of the projects shown here are detailed under Premium Luxury Travel and Financial Services.

Both websites generate content dynamically, based on the user's role. In the case of the financial site, it is multilingual.

Both websites have robust administrator sections and extensive reporting capabilities.

Poster from a summer promotion.

Although NDAs preclude me from revealing the name of this client, here are some examples of print and interactive projects.

On the left is a poster from one of the many promotions we created to help the financial side of the business sell their credit card and travelers cheque products. Promos typically included a landing page, postcards, print ads, POS displays, posters and HTML Emails.

On the right is an example of a computer-based training (CBT) interactive CD ROM created for their foreign exchange employees.  

Computer-based training in the form of an interactive CD ROM. These CBT programs were created using Macromedia Director.

The folks at certifiedemail.com were among the first to market to use data encryption for sending secure emails. My responsibilities included layout, illustration and developing the tagline.


Sales tri-folder and inserts.

The concept of Promotions Made Easy was to have ready-made creative, specifically for credit unions, targeting their customers. I had a lot of fun with the HTML Email campaign (below) and print ads.

Promotions Made Easy

The PME logo consisted of four colored balls ... I placed them in various situations.


A wide variety of materials were produced for AIRE.

Over the years, I've had brushes with the law, but not in a bad way. I was part of a team that produced material for the Alliance for Independent Reporting Excellence. AIRE's primary mission was matching independent court reporters to legal counselors. Among materials produced: The Independent, an E-newsletter, postcards, print ads, brochures and a pair of bunny slippers I created in Photoshop so convincing, we had requests for multiple pairs from the client. 


IDepo's public-facing and members' sites.

IDepo was a similar concept, but intended to be completely online. IDepo projects included: helping craft their business plan, corporate identity,  design and construct a website for public-facing information, a separate members' site and an Enewsletter.

Data is king. Slicing and dicing by audience and dynamically tailoring content edged out competitors playing in the same space (one of whom I worked for just prior).

The year Atlanta hosted the Super Bowl, we attracted the attention of the Metro Atlanta Super Bowl Host Committee and won the contract for In the Huddle, their official publication.

Newsletter collage

A small sampling of the various newsletters produced.

In The Huddle

Official publication of Metro Atlanta Super Bowl Host Committee